What we're working on

The list below doesn't have specific dates, but it's what we are currently working on, or starting next.

ConvertKit Commerce


Our mission is to help creators earn a living online. Currently, we offer creators the tools they need to get started on this mission, but we don’t actually offer the ability to earn a living directly on our platform. ConvertKit Commerce will change that. With this new product, creators will be able to start building a subscriber base, engage and grow their audience, and sell digital products, all through our platform. Examples of these products include ebooks, courses, PDFs, newsletter subscriptions, documentaries, albums, presets, photography, films, and more.

As with every part of our product, Commerce is being built with creators in mind.

Auto-tag links with UTM parameters


This will enable you to automatically add UTM tracking parameters to your links based on the email subject line.

HTML blocks in landing pages


We’ll be supporting custom HTML in Landing Pages. This is a very powerful feature which will give users on our paid plans more control and independence!

Subscriber scoring (Creator Pro)


We're working on giving our Creator Pro customers the ability to visualize their list broken down by stars (1-5), primarily using engagement data such as opens, clicks and purchases. The feature will provide quick insights into list health at a glance and the ability to segment on it!

Purchase graph enhancements


We're making enhancements to our purchase graph! We are working towards giving you more flexibility into how much you have made from a specific campaign, a group of subscribers, or a specific ad by adding in support for refunds, discounts and the ability to filter by product.

Collections for the landing page editor experience


We receive requests to support multiple columns in email templates which had us exploring - why are creators requesting this? Digging into the request we concluded that creators aren't asking for columns, they really want to lay out rich content in a specific way for their audience. So we came up with a new concept called- collections!

Collections are, well, a collection of items where the creator can add or remove items from the list. Soon you will be able to build a quick digital home with links pointing to all their social profiles and creations, bring in feeds to your landing pages and set up beautiful image galleries. We want to give you the power to customize the the editor experience and with collections you will be able to do just that!

Support multiple conditions in visual automations


Currently in VAs you can add a condition for one item: custom field or tag, we have had requests from creators to support more conditions. We are committed making the automations experience more powerful, therefore, we will be adding the ability to support multiple conditions in VAs so you can easily identify or filter subscribers that should go down specific paths.

Colour palettes in landing pages


Having trouble choosing colours to make your landing page stand out? We can help! Our talented design team will be putting together colour palettes for each landing page template, if you need some inspiration you'll be able to select a curated colour palette and get started!

Split paths in Visual Automations


Visual Automations can get extremely complex when you need to send a subscriber down more than two "Yes/No" branches. To solve this problem, we will be adding case statements to condition nodes, allowing you to have more than two branches per condition based on a custom field or a tag. Conditions with a case statement will look like a split path. This will significantly simplify and shorten your Visual Automations.

Social media links for emails and landing pages


Easily add social media links through the block editor in your emails, landing pages, and email templates. No code needed!