What we're working on

The list below doesn't have specific dates, but it's what we are currently working on, or starting next.

Creator profile: Newsletter feed


We are building an out-of-box experience for everyone to easily create their link-in-bio and newsletter feed in one place. This will also make customizing your free and paid newsletter feed more seamless.

Email notifications: New subscribers and purchases


We want to be able to give creators the ability to turn on notifications when someone has just subscribed to their list or purchased their product. It’ll give you immediate information about which landing page or form is performing for you, and how much money you've made in your recent sale.

Email notifications: Account summary


We want to be able to give creators the ability to turn on weekly or monthly account summary email notifications. This will give creators a at-a-glance overview of how their account is performing, including number of new subscribers, best performing landing pages and emails, as well as total revenue.

Email editor: Toolbar update


We are making user interface and design updates to the tool bar in the email editor. This will improve the writing experience by making it easier to add and edit the email content.

EU VAT support for Commerce


We are researching and developing features so we can support EU VAT for our creators selling on ConvertKit's commerce platform.