What we're working on

The list below doesn't have specific dates, but it's what we are currently working on, or starting next.

Add background patterns to the media gallery

To give you more flexibility in creating landing page designs we will be integrating with a pattern gallery. This will allow you to choose a more interesting pattern as a background image and allow you to also select pattern color and tiling!

Landing Page Improvements

We’re focusing on improving our new email editor into the forms pages, adding additional landing page templates (put in a request if you’re looking for something specific) and adding videos and images anywhere on a landing page!

Auto-tag links with UTM parameters

This will enable you to automatically add UTM tracking parameters to your links based on the email subject line.

Content Snippets

With content snippets you can define sections of code to be re-used throughout your email templates, broadcast emails, and sequence emails. This can be used for hiding away complex liquid, creating a dynamic pitch at the end each email, editable variables in your automations, and more!

Social media links for emails and landing pages

Easily add social media links through the block editor in your emails, landing pages, and email templates. No code needed!