Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

June 24, 2022

New feature: Quick Find


Quick Find is our newest feature that enables you to get to where you want and find what you need as fast as possible. On any page in your ConvertKit account, you'll see the QuickFind widget on the bottom left that you can click on, or pull up with Command+K or (Control+K).

With QuickFind, you'll find all the shortcut keys we have to your most commonly visited page, making it even easier for you to quickly navigate. In addition, it also gives you the ability to search for any broadcast, sequence, automation, or subscriber from any page in the app.

May 10, 2022

New feature: Export your broadcast deliverability report to CSV


You'll be able to download a CSV export of the Deliverability report available on the Creator Pro plan. Deliverability reporting give you access to see how your open and click rates trend over time for your email broadcasts.

With this feature, you'll be able to export and download this data for your whole list or different segments to analyze which emails are performing best for you, which segment is more engaged, and which promotions do the best. 

April 14, 2022

New feature: Start selling in additional currencies


In addition to USD, you can sell products in Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and New Zealand Dollars. This can help expand your reach and increase conversions for audiences who prefer to pay in their own local currencies. If these are your local currencies, you can also choose to be paid out in this currency to save in foreign transaction fees.

To learn more about how to use this feature, check out the support documentation here.

April 07, 2022

Broadcasts API


We've just released new endpoints to create, manage, and send broadcasts with the ConvertKit API. You can find all API documentation here. 

We are also actively working on new API features to further support these endpoints. If there are any improvements or feedback you have, please share your thoughts via this form.

March 30, 2022

New feature: Manage subscriber preferences


With subscriber preferences, your subscribers can choose exactly which content they want to receive. This gives you insight on which of your content topics are the most popular, and can also help you reduce unsubscribes. 

Set up your subscriber preferences on the Subscribers page by adding in different Topics of Interest. Each topic will match to a one tag and you'll be able to add up to 10. 

Your subscribers will be able to opt-in or opt-out of the topics you've set in their subscriber profile. 

For more information on how to set this up, please read this support article. 

March 24, 2022

New pricing method: Payment plans


You can now offer payment plans with the digital products you sell using ConvertKit. When you’re selling higher-ticketed products, like masterminds or coaching packages, you can make it more affordable to your audience by letting them pay for it in installments instead of a single upfront payment.

To learn more about how to use this feature, check out the support documentation here.

March 02, 2022

New integration: Fathom Analytics


We just launched an integration with Fathom Analytics, a web analytics software, to help you get more insights about your landing page visitors. If you currently use Fathom Analytics, you can now add in your Fathom SiteID to the specific landing pages you want to track. Once you do, tracking will start to work within a few minutes! 

For more information on how to set it up, check out the article here.

February 08, 2022

New feature: Layout blocks in email editor


To give you more flexibility with how you format your email content, we just released layout blocks that you can add to your emails. 

There are two-column layouts and a call-to-action layout style that you can choose from. For all of them, you can customize the column ratios, padding, and color to best fit your needs. All layouts will collapse into a single column on mobile to optimize the experience for your readers.

To learn more about using our email editor, check out this support article.

January 26, 2022

Update to Purchase graphs


We’ve made improvements to the beta purchase graphs available in the Subscriber tab. The purchase graph now displays your sales information more accurately, taking into account any pay-what-you-want sales, discounts, refunds, and sales from integrated commerce platforms.

December 23, 2021

New feature: Unsubscribe survey


We are so excited to bring you a new unsubscribe survey to help you collect more information about your audience and your content. By turning on the unsubscribe survey in your Settings > Emails, subscribers will be directed to a confirmation page when they unsubscribe from your emails with an optional survey to share why they no longer want to receive your content anymore. You can find the unsubscribe survey results in Grow > Subscribers > Unsubscribes.

To learn more about how you can use this feature, here’s the support documentation.