Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

November 23, 2022

Email editor: Starting Point email templates


Introducing Starting Points—new email templates that give you more flexibility to edit and stylize content in your email. With Starting Points, you can create email templates with layout blocks in the header and footer, and make on-the-go edits to your template in the broadcast email editor.

To learn more about this feature, check out this support article.

November 22, 2022

Email editor: Text toolbar update


We've made UI updates to the text toolbar to be static in the email editor. This will improve the writing experience by making it easier to style, add, and edit your email content. 

Email editor: Additional layout blocks


Drive more traffic and revenue from your emails with additional new layout blocks! Easily add sponsored content, product highlights, and different types of call-to-actions in your next email campaign to drive higher engagement. 

To learn more about using our email editor, check out this support article.

November 01, 2022

Commerce: EU/UK VAT support


You can now charge EU and UK Value-Added Tax (VAT) on products sold using ConvertKit Commerce. To charge VAT on ConvertKit products, you can enable it under Settings > Commerce and the price you set will be inclusive of the tax. When it's time to file your VAT return, you can download a report of all transactions for which you have collected VAT.

For more information about understanding your EU and UK VAT obligations and how to use this feature, check out our support articles here.

October 07, 2022

Commerce: Product embeds


You can now embed the products you've created in ConvertKit Commerce directly into your emails. This will make it even easier for you to showcase and sell your products whether in a one-time email promotion or in your evergreen promotion sequence. 

October 04, 2022

Update your bank statement descriptor


By default, your bank statement descriptor will be the first part of the website URL you provided when setting up payments in ConvertKit Commerce. Now, you can customize it so to help customers recognize their purchases with you more easily and reduce any refunds and disputes. 

To update your statement description, go to Settings > Commerce. 

August 22, 2022

Email notifications: Account summary


We want to be able to give creators the ability to turn on weekly or monthly account summary email notifications. This will give creators a at-a-glance overview of how their account is performing, including number of new subscribers, best performing landing pages and emails, as well as total revenue.

Weekly summary notifications are enabled by default. You can manage your notifications under Settings > Notifications

Email notifications: New subscribers and purchases


We want to be able to give creators the ability to turn on notifications when someone has just subscribed to their list or purchased their product. It’ll give you immediate information about which landing page or form is performing for you, and how much money you've made in your recent sale.

Subscriber and purchase notifications are disabled by default. You can manage your notifications under Settings > Notifications.

August 01, 2022

Commerce: Direct link to checkout page


You can now directly link to the checkout page of your ConvertKit Commerce products. This gives you flexibility to skip the product sales page if you want to and send your subscribers directly to checkout via your email or website. 

July 28, 2022

Commerce: Sell multiple quantities


When creating a Standard product, you can toggle on "allow customers to choose a quantity". By doing so, customers will be able to enter how many they'd like to purchase on your product sales page. This is best used if you are selling tickets to a conference or selling virtual fitness classes.