Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

September 18, 2023

Mobile preview & UI update


It's vital that you know what your content looks like before it is sent to your subscribers—that's why we've just made improvements to how you can preview your content in Broadcasts and in Sequences. Here are the updates you'll see:

  • Mobile preview: You can now preview your email content in mobile view. You'll see how responsive your email template is and how your content stacks when viewed on a mobile device.
  • UI update: To make it more accessible, we've moved the preview button to the text toolbar.

This update will help make sure any content you send out to your subscribers are visually on brand.

September 12, 2023

RSS editor improvements


We are also bringing our new and improved functionality to the RSS editor! Whether you're sending one-off broadcast emails, an email sequence, or setting up an RSS, you'll have the same customization abilities. Here are the updates:

  • Starting Point templates: Starting Point templates are now available for your RSS feed! When you go to select your template, all of your template options should now be available.
  • Liquid tag library: When editing your RSS feed, there will be a library of liquid tags you can add to make your email more dynamic.

Use the RSS feed to automatically email your list when you publish a new article on your blog.

August 11, 2023

Email notifications: Creator Network recommendations


Get alerted when you get a new recommendation on the Creator Network! This will increase discoverability of your recommendations, make it easier to recommend someone back, and help you build a connection with another creator.

Creator Network notifications are enabled by default. You can manage your notifications under Settings > Notifications.

August 07, 2023

Improvements to ConvertKit's WordPress plugin


We've made big improvements to the ConvertKit plugin on WordPress! All these updates have been made to make it easier for you to set up your website and have your go-to tools complement each other to make your business to run more smoothly.

Here are the updates to look out for:

  • Gated content: Using WordPress' Member Content functionality, you can set up gated content for premium members who have purchased a ConvertKit Commerce product. This way you can set up courses, e-books, curated content, and more without another platform, and without your members leaving your site.
  • Newsletter feed: Want to showcase all of your newsletters on your site? You can now embed a paginated list of your public broadcasts emails on your Wordpress site. They can displayed in a list with subject and date, or in a grid with image and descriptions. They will all be linked to the public post that is hosted on ConvertKit.
  • Product embeds: Create your storefront on your WordPress site, by adding quick embeds of your ConvertKit products. You'll be able to edit all the styles directly inside WordPress.
  • Pop-up modal: You can now add a button, which is a "Form Trigger Block," so that a modal, slide-in, stick bar ConvertKit form pops up when someone clicks on the button.
  • WooCommerce plugin: We also updated the ConvertKit and WooCommerce Plugin to map customer first and last names to ConvertKit custom fields.
  • PHP SDK: For any PHP developers, we've released the PHP SDK to easily interact with the ConvertKit API.

We are so excited to see how you make changes with the WordPress updates. For more information, check out our support article here.

August 01, 2023

Sequence editor improvements


We are bringing new and improved functionality to the sequence editor! Whether you're sending one-off broadcasts emails or a series of emails in a sequence, you should have all the same customizations. Here are all the updates:

  • Starting Point templates: Starting Point templates are now available to be used in sequences! When you go to select your template, all of your template options should now be available.
  • Customize every email: In the past, you could only choose one email template for your entire email sequence. Now, you can choose to have a different template for each email in your sequence to give you more even more flexibility.
  • Email styles: You will now see a new "Styles" tab on the right hand column where all the emails in your sequence live. This is where you can go to customize and format your different components of your email, just like you do in the Broadcast editor.

We hope this update to the sequence editor improves the way you build your automated email series.

July 24, 2023

Third-party form support for Creator Network


You can now use Creator Network and have your recommendation modal show up on third-party forms you have on your website.

To set this up, go to Creator Profile > My Recommendations > Settings > Edit. You'll be able to find the code snippet that you'll need to paste on to any of your site pages that contain a third-party form.

If you are using Gravity Forms, you'll have to go to your form's settings and toggle on "Enable Creator Network Recommendations".

We are excited to bring more creators into the Creator Network with this update and see everyone grow their lists together.

For more instructions on how to set up Creator Network recommendations with your third-party forms, please check out this support article

July 18, 2023

Creator Profile: Set your featured post


We are bringing more customization to your Creator Profile. Instead of just having your Featured Post default to the newest post, you can now choose to feature any past editions of your newsletter you've made public.

The Creator Profile is an out-of-box experience for everyone to easily create their link-in-bio, build their newsletter feed, have a digital storefront and recommend fellow creators. ! With the addition of your Commerce products, it can act as your storefront, too.

To customize your Creator Profile, go to Grow > Creator Profile to make the adjustments.

July 12, 2023

ConvertKit Marketplace: Email templates by creators


The ConvertKit Marketplace is filled with free email templates designed by creators for creators using ConvertKit’s newly updated email editor. Go browse and choose a new design for your upcoming email, or explore and get inspired for your new email template design. 

With one click, they will all be added to your account, so you can customize the brand and content to make them yours. Go explore!

July 11, 2023

Template editor improvements


We released a few updates to the template editor to continue to improve the email template design and editing experience, as well as to create a cohesive editing experience across the platform. Here are all the improvements:

  • Custom adjustments: For most of the elements in the email, you could only change the margin, padding, or content width based on specific settings we had. Now, you can input specific px measurements to get the spacing you want and create a look you need for your email.
  • Additional layout columns: You can now add layout blocks with up to three columns to create even more dynamic email designs.
  • Block menu in layouts: Instead of pre-set options in layout blocks, you now have access to the full content block menu in layouts as well.
  • Layout UI: For all layout blocks, you can now use the up and down arrows to easily move them around your email. In addition, there are also handy tools to duplicate or delete the layout.

We hope this update to the template editor continues to improve the way you build your email newsletters.

July 06, 2023

Creator Network: Matching Algorithms


We've rolled out a new update to the Discover tab of the Creator Network to help you discover other creators to partner up with! These suggestions are based on the creator type you've selected and the creator topic that you write on.

Looking for more creators? You can refresh the suggestions on the top right. You can also collapse the suggestions as you're using the search bar/filters. Check out your new creator matches now.