Email editor: New sections

5 months ago

For all Starting Point templates, we’ve rolled out the ability to add new sections to your Broadcasts and Sequences in your email editor. This will make it even easier and smoother for you to build out your email as you’re writing it. For any sections, you’ll be able to:

  • Add new sections: Any new added sections will retain the same design preferences as the section you’re adding from. This is super helpful if you have a block-style email design.
  • Duplicate sections: This will duplicate all the content within the section as well. This is super helpful if you want to reuse layouts you’ve already designed.
  • Reorder sections: Not sure where you want your content? The arrow buttons make it easy for you to reorder how the content is laid out in your email. No need to recreate or copy and paste it over.
  • Delete sections: Need to cut some content? Simple way to just delete a whole section. (Don’t worry! You can Command/CTRL+Z to undo and bring it back if you need to.)

As usual, we hope this makes building your email an even better experience. Go build out your next email broadcast!