Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

May 14, 2024

Grow your business with the Insights dashboards


Set up Insights to get advanced analytics on how effective your marketing channels are with Creator Pro today. Insights will give you a much more comprehensive view of your marketing and sales funnels are performing. You will have four different dashboards—Acquisition, Engagement, Sales, and Velocity—to laser in on where you need to double down and where you need to pay more attention.

For more support on how to set up and use Insights, check out our Knowledge Base article.

April 25, 2024

Creator Profile: Custom pages


Just like you'd create additional pages on a website, you can now do so too on your Creator Profile. Use custom pages to set up pages like:

  • About page: Deeper dive into your background, the work you've done, and the testimonials you've received from clients or brands you've worked with.
  • Work with me: If you're a service provider, this is a great way to include a page to share the type of services you provide and a call out to reach out to you.
  • Sponsor me: Want to work with brands? Create a page with your newsletter details, demographic information, and the type of brands you'd want to work with.

This is a great way to expand your Creator Profile if you don't have a separate website. You can add up to 3 custom pages, and you won't need to get used to a new editing experience—it's the same as our email editor!

For more information about how to customize your custom pages on your Creator Profile, check out this Knowledge Base article.

April 23, 2024

Creator Profile confirmation email


Want full control over what your Creator Profile confirmation email looks like? You've got it!

You can now customize the confirmation email that your subscriber's receive when they join your email list through your Creator Profile. Edit the confirmation email to match your brand and welcome them to your email list. You can also choose where they are redirected to, or include a freebie to share with your new subscribers. ​

To update your Creator Profile's confirmation settings, go to Customize -> Sign Up Form.

April 15, 2024

Explore Paid Recommendations in ConvertKit


We’re making it even easier for you to get paid to promote other creators in your Recommendations modal with Paid Recommendations. Now under the Earn tab, you’ll be able to more easily setup the integration with SparkLoop, and then discover a list of creators and newsletters who are looking for fellow creators to promote their list.

In the discover section of Paid Recommendations, you’ll be able to:

  • Search for specific creators you’d like to promote and recommend
  • Filter based on payout per subscriber, max payout, and expected earnings
  • Review the requirements of each paid recommendation

No more bouncing between SparkLoop and ConvertKit. Don’t leave money on the table and start earning from the work you already do.

Setting up Paid Recommendations for the first time? If you need more help, check out this Knowledge Base article.

April 08, 2024

Insights (beta): Advanced analytics to improve your marketing


Set up Insights to get advanced analytics on how effective your marketing channels are with Creator Pro today. Insights will give you a much more comprehensive view of your...

  • Best acquisition channels: A deep dive into how organic search or paid is working, which piece of content converts the best for you, and more.
  • Most engaged segment: A month-to-month view of which segment continues to be the most engaged in your content.
  • Best customers: Find out who your best customers are, how much it takes to acquire a customer, and which promotion emails generates the most sales.
  • Marketing effectiveness: Take a look at how long it takes for a subscriber to turn into a customer. This helps you calculate how much advertising budget you have, and helps you hone in on where you should iterate your funnels.

This feature is still in a closed beta. If you've been invited, you'll see it in the top corner of your dashboard. Currently, only Commerce sales and Stripe integrations will be tracked.

For more support on how to set up and use Insights, check out our Knowledge Base article.

March 25, 2024

Redirect to your Recommendations page


Decide how you want the Recommendations flow to behave. We now have an auto-created page of your curated Recommendations that you can use as a page redirect after a subscriber joins your list. This is perfect for creators who are…

  • Using third-party forms that don’t support the modal: You can now use Recommendations by setting up a page redirect and start growing your list with our network of creators.
  • Save time from embedding code snippets: Don’t want to embed code snippets on all the pages that host your third-party form? You can also use this page to set up a page redirect after a subscriber joins your list.

We love to see the network growing and driving thousands of subscribers for active creators, and we want to continue to make that easier for more of you.

For more information, check out the Knowledge Base article.

March 11, 2024

ConvertKit x Entri: Buy and connect your custom domain


Our Entri integration brings you a new feature to easily buy, connect, and configure a new custom domain to your ConvertKit account. All the DNS settings will be configured for you automatically, so you don’t have to deal with all that extra-tech.

Still sending your emails from a free sending domain like and email addresses? This new feature is perfect for you! Buy a custom domain and verify your sending domain all within ConvertKit with our Entri integration to optimize your email deliverability.

For more information, check out this Knowledge Base article.

March 05, 2024

Email editor: Shortcuts, custom CSS, and deliverability alerts


Simple and powerful updates to our email editor are here to improve your writing experience and your email marketing efforts.

  • Slash menu: Easily add in blocks by typing in the slash / character to search and add the block you need as you're writing your email. No need to stop and hover over the + button.
  • Custom CSS: Under each Section > Advanced of your email, you can set up custom CSS which you can later use to target in an HTML block. Particularly handy if you share your posts on your own website.
  • Deliverability alert: When your email is too large, it risks being clipped by email clients, like Google, which affects the deliverability of your emails. Now, when you're drafting your email, you'll get an alert if it is over 100KB.

Keep writing and we'll keep delivering new updates that make that experience even better.

February 27, 2024

Integrations: Gravity Forms


A native integration with Gravity Forms is here! Gravity Forms is a powerful WordPress form builder that create beautiful lead generation forms, accept online payments, create surveys and quizzes, or build custom forms for niche solutions!

With the ConvertKit Add-On by Gravity Forms you can automatically send all form entries to your ConvertKit dashboard, enabling you to easily grow and manage your email list. Here are some features the new add-on include...

  • Custom Fields—Every field on your form can be mapped directly to a custom field in ConvertKit. Collect more information on your subscribers and use that data to deliver highly optimized campaigns.
  • Tag Support—Keeping track of large number of subscribers can be quite a task to take on. By attaching tags to your subscribers, you can keep them organized, helping to provide a tailored content experience.
  • Creator Network Recommendations—You can easily display Recommendations after form submission, encouraging users to sign up to other email lists and follow other creators.

For creators currently using the ConvertKit plugin for Gravity Forms should use this new native add-on for more updated features. Any existing settings will automatically migrate once the new add-on is installed and active.

    February 20, 2024

    ConvertKit Marketplace: New templates are in!


    The ConvertKit Marketplace just keeps growing! We have more and more email templates designed by creators for creators in our network. In this most recent update, we've added new templates that you can purchase to elevate your newsletter styles.

    • We want this to be an easy way for you to get started or rebrand your emails and newsletters faster.
    • We also want to create a new revenue stream for creators to design templates and earn with our Marketplace.

    Go browse and see what's new! With all free or paid templates, they will all be added to your account with just one click, so you can customize the brand and content to make them yours. Go explore!