Email editor: Shortcuts, custom CSS, and deliverability alerts

5 months ago

Simple and powerful updates to our email editor are here to improve your writing experience and your email marketing efforts.

  • Slash menu: Easily add in blocks by typing in the slash / character to search and add the block you need as you're writing your email. No need to stop and hover over the + button.
  • Custom CSS: Under each Section > Advanced of your email, you can set up custom CSS which you can later use to target in an HTML block. Particularly handy if you share your posts on your own website.
  • Deliverability alert: When your email is too large, it risks being clipped by email clients, like Google, which affects the deliverability of your emails. Now, when you're drafting your email, you'll get an alert if it is over 100KB.

Keep writing and we'll keep delivering new updates that make that experience even better.