Insights (beta): Advanced analytics to improve your marketing

4 months ago

Set up Insights to get advanced analytics on how effective your marketing channels are with Creator Pro today. Insights will give you a much more comprehensive view of your...

  • Best acquisition channels: A deep dive into how organic search or paid is working, which piece of content converts the best for you, and more.
  • Most engaged segment: A month-to-month view of which segment continues to be the most engaged in your content.
  • Best customers: Find out who your best customers are, how much it takes to acquire a customer, and which promotion emails generates the most sales.
  • Marketing effectiveness: Take a look at how long it takes for a subscriber to turn into a customer. This helps you calculate how much advertising budget you have, and helps you hone in on where you should iterate your funnels.

This feature is still in a closed beta. If you've been invited, you'll see it in the top corner of your dashboard. Currently, only Commerce sales and Stripe integrations will be tracked.

For more support on how to set up and use Insights, check out our Knowledge Base article.