Release notes

Features and improvements we've recently shipped.

June 09, 2023

Grow your list and your income with Paid Recommendations


With the Creator Network, you can now turn free recommendations into paid recommendations to grow your income. You can also reinvest back into your growth by paying other creators to recommend you and grow your list.

To grow your income: You can get paid to recommend another creator! You'll see a list of creators who are willing to pay $2-10/engaged subscribers. If you see a creator who is a good fit for your audience, you can add them to your Recommendations modal.

To grow your list: Interested in advertising your newsletter to grow your list? For a minimum budget of $5,000/month, you can ask for creators in the Creator Network to recommend you for at cost-per-subscriber bases you set yourself.

Both of these are powered by SparkLoop, which you can set up directly in Creator Network. To access both of these features, you must be on either the Creator or Creator Pro plan.

To learn more, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Grow your list with Creator Network: Recommendations


We are so excited to welcome you to ConvertKit's Creator Network—a tool to help you team up with other creators to grow your email lists together.

Available only on our Creator and Creator Pro plans, you can recommend and be recommended by other creators to grow your newsletters together with the Creator Network. When they gain new subscribers, so do you. When you gain new subscribers, so do they.

This will help increase the discoverability of your newsletter, introduce you to new creators, and help you grow you r list—all without working harder maintaining another growth channel.

For more information how to join the Creator Network, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Improved reporting


On the Dashboard and Weekly Email Notifications, we’ve made an update to make your email metrics more helpful and actionable for you. Instead of all-time stats, there is now a 90-day rolling comparison metric to help you understand your growing business.

June 07, 2023

Updates to our broadcast email editor


As always, we want to bring you the best-in-class email writing experience. To do that we've continuously worked to bring improvements to our broadcast email editor for you. Here are all the updates you'll see:

  • Layout block improvements: You can now easily move the layout block up and down your email content, making it easier to change the format of your email whenever you want.
  • History support—Undo/Redo: You can now undo and redo anything in the editor using your keyboard! You can use the standard keyboard shortcut keys to undo (Command/Control + Z) or Redo (Command/Control + Y) your work.
  • Full keyboard navigation: We've also added a variety of keyboard shortcuts to speedup your workflow.
  • Clipboard support: You can now copy and paste anything into your email, including images.
  • Better accent support: We've made fixes to make writing in languages with accents much more seamless.
  • Grammarly support: If you use Grammarly to edit your writing, you can now use it in the email editor as well if you have the Grammarly extension for your browser.

For more information, check out this Knowledge Base article.

June 05, 2023

Share your email template!


Are you a freelancer always needing to recreate an email template for a client? Are you a designer who wants to share your beautiful email designs? Or maybe, you're just in need of a template you saw and fell in love with. 

With this new sharing feature, you can now create a one-click link to share your email templates with other creators. All they'll need to do is hit "Use this template" and it'll be added directly into their account, so they can start using it right away.

For more information, check out this Knowledge Base article.

May 04, 2023

Squarespace integration fix + update


We’ve made improvements to the Squarespace integration to make sure all purchases are coming through to your ConvertKit account in a timely manner. There were some reports that purchase data via the Squarespace integration was delayed, taking hours or a few days to come through.

While we were fixing this bug, we also added in automatic check for expired Squarespace websites. If your Squarespace website expires, we will pause syncing of your integration and check once a week to see if you’ve renewed your Squarespace site to renew syncing needs.

May 02, 2023

Save your brand colors!


Have brand colors you always work with? Save them for easy access to update your background colors, fonts, and accent whenever you're building a landing page or writing an email.

You can add to your saved colors as you're working on your next landing page or email, or by going to Settings > General.

April 17, 2023

Creator Profile: Products


Add Commerce products to your Creator Profile to boost your sales and showcase all your content and product in one place.

The Creator Profile is an out-of-box experience for everyone to easily create their link-in-bio, newsletter feed, or both! With the addition of your Commerce products, it can act as your storefront, too.

February 13, 2023

Commerce: Transactions view for individual products


On any individual Commerce product, you'll now find a Reports drop down that gives you the transaction details of all the customers who have purchased that product. 

January 31, 2023

Creator Profile: Newsletter feed + Link-in-bio


The Creator Profile is an out-of-box experience for everyone to easily create their link-in-bio, newsletter feed, or both—all in one place. To make this your own, customize the fonts, colors, and domain to match your brand. 

Better yet, you can even curate the content that shows up in your newsletter feed. Whenever you send a broadcast, you have the option to enable it as a public post, which will then featured under posts in the Creator Profile. You can enable or disable any past broadcast campaigns, allowing you to curate a list of content that you want to feature.

    Want to see it in action? Checkout ConvertKit's Creator Profile.