New advanced tracking: Pass subscriber email with email hashing

16 days ago

Advertise on your website with platforms like Raptive? This is a game changer to drive more revenue and save you time. This is a one-click easy solution to third-party cookie deprecation that’s affected your day-to-day workflow and income.

This new account-wide advanced tracking will automate the highly manual task of appending subscriber emails to your links with just one-click—securely with SHA256 hashes.

When you enable this, every link clicked by a subscriber will now include a new parameter, sh_kit=[hashed email], that third parties can decode and use to identify the subscriber.

This will help you…

  • Pass on subscriber email to third parties securely
  • Save time by automatically adding subscriber tracking to all the links in all your emails
  • Send with confidence knowing all your links are tracked (no manual errors!)

Go to Settings > Advanced now to enable it. Or, check out our Knowledge base article for more support.