Bug fixes & improvements

7 months ago

In addition to building new features for you, our team also dedicates a lot of our time to fixing bugs that cause you issues and making improvements to features you already love. Here are all the improvements and bug fixes we've made recently:

  • Shopify Integration: We've made new required changes to the integration to maintain the connections you've made with your Shopify account on ConvertKit. We've also improved the integration user interface to provide you with better instructions on how to connect the two accounts.
  • Squarespace Integration: We converted the Squarespace integration from a hard-delete to a soft-delete so if you ever reconnect your Squarespace account with ConvertKit, you can restore your previous data.
  • Patreon Integration: We fixed an issue with the Patreon integration to make sure all subscriber information was passing over to ConvertKit no matter what the subscriber state is.
  • Stripe Integration: We quickly fixed a subscription reporting issue where cancelled subscriptions were showing up as active to make sure you always have a good understanding of how your product is performing.
  • Upsells receipts: You can now resend receipts for Upsell products, as well as for standard products and subscriptions.
  • Paid Recommendations: Once you set up your Paid Recommendations, we'll create a paid slot for you in your recommendations modal to make the setup experience better and save you extra steps.