What we're working on

The list below doesn't have specific dates, but it's what we are currently working on, or starting next.

Supporting taxes


We are actively researching and planning the best way to support taxes for our creators in all countries supported by ConvertKit's commerce platform. 

Colour palettes in landing pages


Having trouble choosing colours to make your landing page stand out? We can help! Our talented design team will be putting together colour palettes for each landing page template, if you need some inspiration you'll be able to select a curated colour palette and get started!

More date options in Visual Automations


Have you ever wanted to send an automated message to a subscriber on their birthday? This will soon be possible! We are working on adding powerful new date functionalities to Visual Automations. These new features will allow creators to delay subscribers in Visual Automations until a specific date, based on a custom field, or until a specific day of the week.

New Visual Automations templates


We are working on additional Visual Automations templates, to make it even easier to automate your email marketing strategy. These new templates will cover a wide range of use-cases across the whole creator journey and will be presented in a fully re-designed template library in the Automations tab.

Bandsintown integration


Creators on ConvertKit will soon be able to easily integrate with Bandsintown, making promoting tours and live events a lot easier. Simply import your tour dates into your email, format and send!

A/B test email content


Headlines are great, but really they have one job: get you to open the email. Once that email is opened, it's up to the content to get you to click on the email. This is where the rubber meets the road on getting a subscriber to actually do something. By A/B testing the content of their broadcasts, creators will be able to learn what works with their subscribers, leading to better conversion rates over time.