App store

7 days ago

We’re launching an App store with apps you can install to do more with your ConvertKit. This is the new ecosystem we are building to make ConvertKit even more efficient for your needs.

We have five apps we’ll launch that will expand the way you run your business with ConvertKit:

  • KitBoard: Add CRM to your ConvertKit account. Easily visualize your sales pipeline to efficiently follow up with prospects and track customer conversions.
  • Wordsmith: Automatically turn your YouTube videos into email newsletters. Alert your subscribers of new video drops, round-ups, and more.
  • SavvyCal: Add a 1:1 booking widget to your emails with SaavyCal and sync all the information back into the subscriber profile in ConvertKit.
  • Mighty: Connect your Mighty community and pull content from your community directly from your ConvertKit account. Two apps in one.
  • SegMetrics: Get actionable information from Insights, a dashboard built in partnership with SegMetrics, that gives you a comprehensive look at how you gain, engage, and convert your subscribers.

For more information on how to install apps, please check out our Knowledge Base article.