Sequence editor improvements

7 months ago

We are bringing new and improved functionality to the sequence editor! Whether you're sending one-off broadcasts emails or a series of emails in a sequence, you should have all the same customizations. Here are all the updates:

  • Starting Point templates: Starting Point templates are now available to be used in sequences! When you go to select your template, all of your template options should now be available.
  • Customize every email: In the past, you could only choose one email template for your entire email sequence. Now, you can choose to have a different template for each email in your sequence to give you more even more flexibility.
  • Email styles: You will now see a new "Styles" tab on the right hand column where all the emails in your sequence live. This is where you can go to customize and format your different components of your email, just like you do in the Broadcast editor.

We hope this update to the sequence editor improves the way you build your automated email series.