Better experience with content snippets

about 1 year ago

In addition to introducing new content snippet types, we've also made some improvements to the content snippets' editing experience. Here all the updates you'll see:

  • Content snippet preview in editor: When you add content snippets to your email, they will now show a preview of their content instead of the Liquid tags. This will make editing and writing your email content much easier, as you don't have to memorize what the Liquid tags represent!
  • Edit content snippets directly: You can click on a snippet's preview to edit it directly in your email editor–no more switching back to the content snippet editor to make changes. If you're using the same content snippet more than once in the email, any edits will be applied to all of them.
  • Available in block toolbar: You can now create snippets directly from inside your broadcasts and incentive emails via the block toolbar.
  • Search for your snippet: Have a lot of content snippets? We now have a search feature in the "insert snippet" modal, so you can find the snippet you need much faster.

We hope all these improvements to the content snippets will make your email writing and editing experience seamless. To learn more about these updates, check out the Knowledge Base article.