Grow your list and your income with Paid Recommendations

about 1 year ago

With the Creator Network, you can now turn free recommendations into paid recommendations to grow your income. You can also reinvest back into your growth by paying other creators to recommend you and grow your list.

To grow your income: You can get paid to recommend another creator! You'll see a list of creators who are willing to pay $2-10/engaged subscribers. If you see a creator who is a good fit for your audience, you can add them to your Recommendations modal.

To grow your list: Interested in advertising your newsletter to grow your list? For a minimum budget of $5,000/month, you can ask for creators in the Creator Network to recommend you for at cost-per-subscriber bases you set yourself.

Both of these are powered by SparkLoop, which you can set up directly in Creator Network. To access both of these features, you must be on either the Creator or Creator Pro plan.

To learn more, check out this Knowledge Base article.