Updates to our broadcast email editor

about 1 year ago

As always, we want to bring you the best-in-class email writing experience. To do that we've continuously worked to bring improvements to our broadcast email editor for you. Here are all the updates you'll see:

  • Layout block improvements: You can now easily move the layout block up and down your email content, making it easier to change the format of your email whenever you want.
  • History support—Undo/Redo: You can now undo and redo anything in the editor using your keyboard! You can use the standard keyboard shortcut keys to undo (Command/Control + Z) or Redo (Command/Control + Y) your work.
  • Full keyboard navigation: We've also added a variety of keyboard shortcuts to speedup your workflow.
  • Clipboard support: You can now copy and paste anything into your email, including images.
  • Better accent support: We've made fixes to make writing in languages with accents much more seamless.
  • Grammarly support: If you use Grammarly to edit your writing, you can now use it in the email editor as well if you have the Grammarly extension for your browser.

For more information, check out this Knowledge Base article.